About us

Sawa Sawa Guest House is a guest service facility and its name is derived from the the local Swahili word Sawa sawa to mean Okay Okay. We welcome visitors and tourists from all over the world to enjoy our culture, meal, nature and interact with the other visitors who also stay here. Most tourists are here to see the Mountain Gorillas but often are intrigued by the Batwa people or getting to know the community and life that goes on.

The Guest House is located / found in Kisoro Town Directly opposite the junction of the old Cyanika road that comes from the Rwandan border crossing with the main road from the DRC border (Bunagana) and a few metres from Kisoro Police Station.

The Guest House is also few Kilometers to most top tourist attractions in Kisoro. It has good facilities to ensure that your stay is very memorable. It is also ideal for travelers who wish to travel to Rwanda, DRC the next day in time.

We also offer our guest extra services like:

  •  Parking space for our Esteemed Customers
  • Linking Clients or guests to both national and International tour Operators
  • Linking Clients to local tour operators with in Kisoro Town
  • Linking Clients to local experienced tour guides with in Kisoro
  • Advice Clients on tourism activities and attractions with in Kisoro
  • Help in Identifying car rental companies or car hire services with in Kisoro.

The Guest House has friendly and courteous staff with experience who will offer personalized service and this will make your stay as pleasant and memorable. The owner has many years’ experience working in the hospitality industry.

Our rooms are well designed, and staying here will offer you a brilliant night. The rooms are spacious with comfortable beds in different sizes. The rooms are furnished with chairs and tables among others. We have hot showers too.

Our Breakfasts, meals are carefully and professionally prepared to the guests’ preference. Our restaurant serves a wide variety of local and international cuisine. We have a well – stocked Mini bar with a variety of drinks from all regions. We also serve hot beverages.